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Chi is in ICU [Jun17 2012 12:37PM]

Mae has been staying with Chi for most of the time since Chi went into ICU on Thursday. Today when Sal and I went
in to see him, he looked better than we had expected. He was quite aware of what was going on. He is still on life support and not enjoying the tube down his throat.
He did respond to us and they are going to try to ween him off the breathing machine tomorrow. When they tried today he did not do well but he has been on it before and gotten off without incident.
He is sedated part of the time but knows that he is near home and we are waiting to get him back to the house. He knows that we are there. Sal read him all of the comments that were sent to him and he knows that there are so many people sending
prayers and love.
Sal took a few pics for me to share with you. He is quite intensely listening to what I say and responds in different small but
deliberate ways. He knows that we are waiting for him.
Thank you all again for the prayers and support! He wanted so much to be home and you all brought him home to California and to his family. We are so grateful! Please keep him lifted in prayer. Blessings to you all family!
-Mom J and the Cheng gang
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[Sep12 2011 10:08PM]


Op†ion -- ††† Crosses

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[Jun19 2011 06:24PM]


Hi all,
I just got a text from Momma J that Chi is having trouble. He has a high temp and vitals are all over the place.
Please send prayers and healing energy to our dear Chi!
One love for Chi,

It's been so long Chi and the road has been so hard, don't give up now sweet man. Fight fight fight!

Please keep Chi Cheng of the Deftones in your mind today.
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Passenger acoustic [Jun20 2010 01:04PM]


First acoustic cover on Deftones - Passenger



kind regards
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[Feb24 2010 04:56PM]

New Deftones song here

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Deftones Interview [Dec28 2009 02:49PM]

New Deftones Interview on the new album and the scene
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PLEASE HELP [Dec17 2009 03:27AM]

from onloveforchi.com

this is an amazing promotion from iGive.com to help raise funds for Chi. we can raise an additional $5000 in 24 hours! here are the details.. PLEASE spread the word!!!

iGive.com is going to attempt to donate $5,000 in just 24 hours to Chi Cheng Medical Fund and other causes.

For each person who joins iGive using the special link below and does just one web search on our site between now and noon Thursday, we’ll give Chi Cheng Medical Fund a dollar.

5,000 new members, $5,000. No purchase necessary.
Sign up here: http://www.igive.com/welcome/warm_reg_promo.cfm?c=51176
Please TWEET this.. post it on your FACEBOOK or MYSPACE!! anywhere and everywhere! let’s really try to hit that $5000!!!
thanks so much!!!
one love for chi,
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Auction [Nov21 2009 09:22PM]

Some press about the ongoing online auction, some of the stuff you can get is named as well as bands involved.


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Deftones organize Chi Cheng Benefit Auction [Nov14 2009 10:45PM]


Chi Cheng Benefit Auction
On November 17th, Deftones with the assistance of CharityBuzz.com will commence a three week online auction to raise money for their brother, Chi Cheng. With the event only a few days away, the response has been overwhelming and Chino, as well as Deftones, would like to send their thanks to all involved:

Wow, first let me start off saying how amazed I am at the generosity of all the friends and artists who have come forward for this auction. We, Deftones are so very grateful to all for your donations and time you've put into making this a success. I myself had no idea it would be this big. Just goes to show how many good friends and good will Chi has made over the last 20 years, just being the good dude he is.

If you were lucky enough to befriend Chi over the last couple decades you would know that there is not a more kind, or more giving person. It's so great to see it all coming back around for him.

I really want to thank everyone that has kept him in their thoughts, prayers, and kept all the positive energy and love flowing his way. I truly believe he will return to us one day when he is good and rested with a great story to tell in his off the wall Cheng sense of humor. Chi is one tuff "MF" and if anyone can make it through this, it's gonna be him.

Chi, I miss you and love you and so does the world. Hope to see you soon.


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

For more information on the auction, tune in to Deftones.com Monday afternoon for details.

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1 YEAR TODAY [Nov04 2009 02:17AM]

can’t believe it’s been a year… a year since chi’s accident… a year since i quit eating meat… a year since i started diligently praying daily for chi’s recovery… crazy how fast a year zooms by…

today and everyday i send healing and strength to chi to keep taking those little baby steps every day…

love and blessings to chi… myself and the one love army are not done yet brother! we are with you always… keeping up the faith and fight.

today (everyday.. but especially today!) i ask everyone to please say an extra hard prayer for chi…also include a prayer for momma j, mae and the cheng gang… may they keep up their strength and faith… the one love family will always be here for you.

and always always buckle up!

one love for chi,

from http://www.oneloveforchi.com

Be strong brother.
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Compilation CD For Chi Cheng [Oct09 2009 11:15AM]

Hefe/Compilation CD For Chi Cheng
Posted by ginaOctober 7, 2009 on http://www.oneloveforchi.com

hi all,

just wanted to let you all know that hefe has organized a compilation cd of bands in romania and europe. all proceeds going to oneloveforchi.com. to purchase a CD for $5 please email hefe at: djhefe@yahoo.com. he will give you the details on how to place your order.

CD Cover:

here is the line up:



1. POINT BLANK-feathers ( Macedonia )

2. AMBERSKIN-streets ( Romania )

3. SUBSCRIBE-kiss and kill your boyfriend ( Hungary )

4. COMA-Coboarama n Rai- (Romania)

5. GODMODE-survivor guilt ( Romania )

6. LAST HOPE- under the flag- ( Bulgaria )

7. IMPLANT PENTRU REFUZ -messages to gods- ( Romania )

8. SMUT- all these years ( Macedonia )

9. H8 -arena (Romania)

10. DEKADENS-neonlight (Romania)

11. OBOJENI PROGRAM -kad se neko necem dobrom nada – (Serbia)

12.LUNA AMARA-no return (Romania)

13.THE MUSHROOM STORY-smash the radio- ( Romania )

14.FINGERING JOANNA-don t get enough (Romania)

15.TEP ZEPI-strange nance (Romania)

16.CHESTER- crashlandings (Romania)

17.PISTOL CU CAPSE- fara sa stiu (Romania)

18.POINT BLANK-bizzaro ( Macedonia )

Dear Chi..with everything that we have done for you here with this cd we want to give you back a small part of what you ve done for us throughout the years.. this is our small”thank you” We learn that with faith,hope and love we can survive no matter what..thank you for offering us a lesson of strenght and faith.You’ve got the support of thousands of fans, and a very strong CHI army.We love you Chi, Get well brother. Stay strong & You re not alone

one love for chi,

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from oneloveforchi.com [Aug19 2009 12:09AM]

Chi’s Surgery Done..
Posted by ginaAugust 18, 2009
i want to thank everyone who hung out with me today in our “virtual waiting room” in the one love for chi chat room… it was an amazing day.. we prayed, sent healing and strength to our brother all day.. and i just had word from momma j the surgery is done and it’s all good. she also thanked everyone who took time to pray for chi today. bless you all!!!

i will post more details as i get them..

one love for chi,
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URGENT [Aug18 2009 11:24PM]

At the moment Chi Cheng is in surgery to have his bone flap be put back in. Please think about and pray for him, and please join us in the live chat room here


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Prayers needed [Aug05 2009 09:54AM]

update - from www.oneloveforchi.com

hi all…

well some great news… they agreed to begin making plans to replace chi’s bone flap! we were worried it wasn’t going to be in time to make the 12 month window.. apparently it won’t take if put back after a year… and we are slowly approaching that… we are so happy to have this happening soon.

also.. tomorrow at 11am PST we need everyone available in prayer mode please… the family and the hospital will be in a meeting about where chi goes from here. please pray that it is decided he is sent to the best place possible that will give him what he needs to rehabilitate. we are praying for a rehab facility.

that is all for now.. but i am sure i will have some more news tomorrow… let’s just pray it is GREAT news for chi!

one love for chi,

Stay strong brother. we're here.
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ONE LOVE FOR CHI [Jul25 2009 06:42AM]


This community seems to be almost dead, COME ON GUYS!

Don't forget to donate to ONELOVEFORCHI.COM !

I have made a post in my personal LJ pertaining to Chi's condition, with a video of an interview with Chi Cheng back in 2007.

Link is here:

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